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Lush’s decision to move away from social media is a risk.

The UK High Street chain Lush choosing to break its connection with over a million followers across social media came as a big surprise. Lush decided to walk away from community spanning 569,000 followers on Instagram, a Facebook following of 423,216 and 202,000 fans on Twitter, by hoping that they will join a new kind… Continue reading Lush’s decision to move away from social media is a risk.

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Create a Personal Brand Through Blogging.

We are all trying to build a personal brand. Whether you are looking for a better job or owning a successful career, we are all working towards a better online reputation. This is especially important today when almost anyone can go online to look you up and almost all there is to know about you… Continue reading Create a Personal Brand Through Blogging.

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Rich Leigh‘s “Myths of PR”

I manage to read Rich Leigh’s “Myths of PR” during Easter bank holidays. Reading the book took me back to the very first semester of my degree especially, the first myth that remarked in the book ‘PR is all spin, smokescreens and lies’. Although I covered most of the topics discuss in the book at… Continue reading Rich Leigh‘s “Myths of PR”