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My name is Niuma Ugail. I am originally from the small island nation in the Indian Ocean called The Maldives. I am currently enjoying my BA (Hons) Public Relations with Journalism degree at Leeds Beckett University, where I am expanding my confidence in networking.

Due to my passion for being a master in communication, I try to use any opportunities that come my way; I am currently a writer at StudentWire one of the most successful online student magazines in the U.K. This has allowed me to feature my articles to a broader audience and improve my writing skills. Aside from this, I also write featured articles for “Maldives Insider”, which is the only prominent travel magazine in the Maldives. This has given me the ability to write in different formats and styles for a variety of purposes and audiences. It has also given me the chance to enhance professional techniques. These skills encourage me to undertake professional writing and enable me to express my creativity.

In this blog, I am trying to convey you a personal perspective on the topics around Public Relations and Journalism. More specifically, my views and thoughts on the industry trends. I hope to be able to share with you, my theoretical knowledge about the big world of PR and also some insight into the University life.

Please do enjoy reading my blog and always feel free to leave me comments and messages. You can reach me via email at neumaugail@gmail.com or tweet me @NeuUgail.