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Creative Campaign: Aldi’s #TeatimeTakedown

Bringing children to the dinner table becomes a challenge for parents. As a champion of bringing the families together round table dinner, UK supermarket chain Aldi launched a campaign last week in the name of Teatime Takedown.

The idea behind the campaign is parents would sign their child up for a program that would put their kids against professional gamers. The professionals would presumably beat the kids so badly at games that they will stop playing.

The discount supermarket reach parents with a promotional video across digital and social, inshore, radio and print. It also embed with parents on Netmums and recipe websites. Sign-ups for this campaign will run until March 31. The first ‘takedown’ event runs from March 22-24 and the second one runs March 29-31.

The campaign became one of the most popular PR stunts from last week. But the question is how effective this campaign would be? Would a 12-year-old leave game when they get a chance to beat a professional gamer? I am not too sure about the idea behind would work very well. I can’t imagine any child would love to get into a match against Ninja, even if he steamrolls them.
Even though Aldi got good media coverage for this humorous campaign, the social media reaction is not with Aldi. Notably, members of the gaming community have been speaking about the campaign, mostly making fun of it.

Apart from the gaming community even the general public not entirely agree with the idea.

Aldi developed the campaign based on their own research. Their research has shown that 85% of parents admit that getting their kids to sit down to eat is a struggle. According to new data commissioned by Aldi, 38% of British children refuse to sit down at the family dinner table and over a quarter of UK parents blaming online gaming for this phenomenon.
I would say the idea behind the campaign is brilliant, but it is not the best way to solve for kids not coming to the dinner table. Aldi could have done a bit more in-depth research find approaches helping parents on their journey to reclaiming that all-important family time.

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