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Create a Personal Brand Through Blogging.

We are all trying to build a personal brand. Whether you are looking for a better job or owning a successful career, we are all working towards a better online reputation.

This is especially important today when almost anyone can go online to look you up and almost all there is to know about you is only a few clicks away. Just google your name and try. This is why building a personal brand has never been more important for success.

Personal branding is a planned process of marketing oneself–is relying on online tools such as blogging and social media to expand its reach.

A blog used for personal branding is a serious matter that demands dedication and time. Therefore, it is important to understand how would you put your efforts to create a blog are still relevant to increase your engagement with desired target public. So how do you start a blog that will serve as the backbone of your brand?

It is easy to have a blog nowadays. Easy, I mean, it’s easy to build one. Providing high-quality content is a different story. If you don’t have your blog, there are various ways for you to start blogging and building your personal brand. You can use a platform such as Blogger or Medium or even your professional LinkedIn profile. Another option is to make your own website with WordPress or another of the increasingly popular website builders that make it easy for people who want to handle their websites themselves but don’t know much about coding. With website builders like Ucraft, Wix, Yola, and others, all you need to create a website is determination and a certain dose of creativity to make blog look professional and appealing to the visitors.

Now that you have a place to show off your expertise, it’s time to start writing. Finding topics to write about can be challenging at times, especially if you are a student or a beginner. Start by figuring out who is your target audience. Does it consist mostly of PR practitioners or professionals or students? You want to create content based on the needs and desires of your audience. The content you provide should answer their questions, often before they even ask. Apart from this to develop blog ideas you can browse through your competitors’ blogs and articles to see what kind of content they are producing and what is working for them. This will help you to get a general idea and maybe even get inspired in the process.

Having high-quality content on your blog doesn’t mean it creates a personal brand you want unless it reaches your target audience. You still have work to achieve it to the target audience and promote. Share the content on social networks professional pages and groups. Doing so will give an initial push. If your contents are interesting enough, your audience will start share in their social media accounts and ultimately will reach your goal. Your brand will stand out from the crowd. Your blog and content open ways to start conversation. It offers opportunity to networks and build relationship with professionals.

For example, Marcel Klebba andJessica Pardoe are exceptional PR bloggers who I admire which they have created a personal brand through blogging. They started blogging during their university and still developing their PR career through blogging. They have put enough effort and have reached significant levels of professional success.

There is a lot of hard work behind a personal blog, but with the enough dedication and love, a personal blog can take you to places that Instagram, Twitter or Facebook alone can’t.

Hope you enjoy reading. x

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