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A session with CIPR President for 2018, Sarah Hall.

Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall – CIPR president for 2018.

This is quite late, post. I suppose to write this post a few weeks back. Since this is the peak time for the university assignment, I did not make enough time to blog. Finally, here I am posting my experience meeting the CIPR president.

It is not a standard chance to meet top people in the profession, especially when you are a student. I met Sarah Hall, 0n 25th April 2018, from a lecture she held at Leeds Beckett University, after the CIPR Yorkshire and Lincolnshire AGM meeting.

Even though I enjoy learning and preparing to become a PR practitioner since from the first day I choose the course, there is one question that is rolling around my mind. Is PR industry has a future?  Finally, the question eases and gave me confidence in my choice of degree. Thorough out Sarah’s lecture, she proves that this is the profession that has a bright future.  Her speech really motivates and was inspirational. I am sure this was the feeling everyone that room.  Below, I highlight the two things  currently trending in the industry which she discussed in her speech.

She started her lecture introducing the audience about her recent work FuturePRoof. FuturePRoof is a book series about current trends in PR industry.  According to Sarah FuturePRoof is the most significant conversation ever about the future of public relation. It is the idea she develops to bring PR practices and current trendings of PR in a series of books. So far three editions of FuturePRoof have released. Apart from providing a practical guide to some of the critical issues PR practitioners facing today, the purpose of the book is to drive up standards and professionalism, engender innovative thinking and to encourage PR practitioners to create disruption, not just embrace it. With the contribution of the professional PR actioners in the industry both within the UK and globally, it brings what PR is like today, the context of working in PR industry, current trends and the skills need to learn in succeeding. Anyone who wants to be read free can follow FuturePRoof blog and read the chapters released as blog posts. Also the discussion in social media gose in #FuturePRoof.

I believe this is an excellent opportunity for the student to understand the PR trends and realise the current situation in the industry in different related areas. I would definitely recommend all PR student to read the #futurePRoof blog.

Another interesting thing I caught up in her lecture is the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Public Relations. It is the first time I realise that AI  has an effect on this industry. Sarah explains this as one of the significant opportunity and threat to the industry.  The selected committee in CIPR currently doing in-depth research to understand how this has the impact in the profession now and in the future.

By taking an example from how AI effects so far in the newsrooms, as a threat she highlighted that some of the jobs that do by PR practitioners are taken by computers. On the other hand, as an advantage, she said that, the new Apps and technological tools that help to do our job quickly and easily. However, these advantages and disadvantages need to characterize and understand. The impact of these changes needs to be recognised by doing researches. This is one of the current trending discussion in the industry. To understand more about the ideas discussed based on this topic will carry on as #AIinPR in social media.

Apart from this, she also shared her thoughts on the future of the industry. I was delighted to attend her session and talked to her. It was one of the exciting and eye-opening lectures I attended.

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