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4 steps to create a personal brand.


Today, I was lucky enough to meet one of the known social media strategist and trainer in Leeds, Sarah Allison in a business network session held by our university international student engagement office. During her one hour session, she discusses some of the most essential steps that need to build up a personal brand.

She started with the importance of the developing a personal brand in social media. After that, she underlines how we can build a particular brand in social media. Below I share with you the 4 steps she highlighted in the session.

Step1 Select a username

When creating a personal brand or brand name, it is always important to choose a catchy name. The title should not be ubiquitous but easy to pronounce. If it is a personal brand, most of the people use their full name or surname. However, some people, prefer to identify as specific names.  Namech_k is one of the best websites to find the unique usernames.

Step 2 Profile Picture

Studies have shown that people reflexively evaluate faces and form impressions of others based on facial appearance alone—regardless of whether that first glimpse is online or in real life. Although in-person interactions provide much more information than merely viewing a portrait photograph, your impressions based on a person’s profile picture may provide reliable information about how you’ll feel about them in person. So, the profile picture you choose should be professional or an image that defines you. It should be only you on it. It was preferable to use head and shoulder picture rather than full body picture. It should have good quality in it.

Step 3 Personal Statement

If you created your professional brand in LinkedIn or in Twitter, the space under profile picture that allocates is specified for you to write tightly written information about you. Writing personal statement, it is critical to use the keywords and the phrases that highlight the career you interested in. To find the keywords, Indeed job title trends is helpful, and you can always change those keywords depend on the type of work that you looking for. In the statement, you have to show the audience or employer what makes you turn out or different from others. To do this, you could highlight the awards that you have won or necessary certificates that you achieved.

Step 4 Create content

An account with a perfect profile picture, personal statement and without creating any content doesn’t help to achieve building a brand. Creating relevant content regularly is very important. It is challenging to create content when you start. To start with it is acceptable to share others content. However, sharing a substance that has been on the internet already, it is essential to add your thoughts to it.  You could also share material which hasn’t been seen in many times, but that is kind creation. is helpful to gather blog contents from your interested area, and you use the ideas to create your own content.

I hope this is also helpful. If you have any thoughts, please make a comment below. x

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