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Rich Leigh‘s “Myths of PR”


I manage to read Rich Leigh’sMyths of PR” during Easter bank holidays. Reading the book took me back to the very first semester of my degree especially, the first myth that remarked in the book ‘PR is all spin, smokescreens and lies’. Although I covered most of the topics discuss in the book at University, Rich was able to shed a lot more light, not only PR as a whole but also on specific campaigns and areas of interest.

As understood from the title the primary aim of the book, it is to shatter widespread misconceptions about PR, and grant readers insights into why these myths have endured in spite of plainly conclusive evidence to the contrary.  Rich gets through the issues starting from PR being all about spin to the topics that divide the industry, such as measurement. With his experiences, he highlighted all the complaints about PR. None of the allegations was a new thing for anyone who is in PR.

 “The question ‘what is public relations?’ Is something countless people in PR have debated. It’s something that has been defined and redefined over the course of decades by the great and the good of the industry, but an awkward point remains: the general public is near-clueless as to what PR is and actually does.” 

Rich Leigh

One thing I like throughout the book was clear and easy language. To finish the book It only took me my five-hour coach to Bristol from Leeds. To explain the topics Rich uses personal examples and case studies with so many anecdotes that give more realistic approach. It surely makes more understandable about these myths.

Personally, my favourite chapter in this book is Gender wage gap figures. Not only because, it is one of my favourite topic in the industry but because this book gives so much more. Rich features, Susan Hayes-Culloten, an economic expert, was the perfect choice to guide us through this chapter. I love the way she shows us why we are looking at the gender wage gap issue the wrong way round. We cannot tackle it successfully if we don’t dissect it properly.

Overall, I would like to say, it is a genuine must-read for anyone looking to get into PR especially, first-year students or anyone to learn more about the industry. I will give this book as a manual reference when someone asked those awkward questions like “Don’t you lie for a living?” or “My product’s great, it will PR itself” and other such nonsense. I highly recommend this book. The book is available on Amazon.

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