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Creating a Purposeful Personal Brand on Social Media.


Social media is the most direct way to define and promote your personal brand. It is a platform you talked whatever you feel interested and connected with likely minded people. Social proof is more powerful than we often realise.

A simple example to start with. Hiring managers always look at social accounts to see how you represent yourself.  When you looking for employment being active on social media shows employers your interests, connections, humour and personality. If your brand matches with a company, it may lead to employment opportunities that someone without social media will not be provided. It is also a way to show employers that you’re invested in media relations and understand how it works. Your social portfolio can showcase interests, passion, creativity and experience.

Making accounts from different social media platforms is easy.  But don’t expect people to pay attention to you just because you’ve got a Twitter account or Facebook profile. It’s important to show your followers or employers that you are keeping up to date with current trends and participating too.

To build up the kind personal brand on social media there are few rules need to follow.

Firstly, start using those platforms in the early stage of your career especially when you are in your University. This is because it takes a while to build up credibility on social media. Starting old leaves us plenty of time to experiment, make mistakes, and come out stronger. It helps to have a social portfolio ready for when you are looking for a job. Plus, it adds more value to your name.

Secondly, sharing meaningful content and maintain regularity. The content you share must have value rather than throwing a mess of topics. Just sharing what you interest not entirely means you can build a loyal personal brand that you want. It needs some practice, and you have to be careful what you post. Especially, check spellings and grammar in your posts.

The contents you share could be news articles, sharing educated opinions but it is also vital not share too much of your political views. Some may not always agree with you, and that could hurt you later down the line. But in all, it is good to show you are on top of things. It is crucial that people who visit your profile should know what you care about right away.


Thirdly, to engage and build relations. To engage with others, follow accounts that give advice about the profession, share experiences with images and connecting with people in the field. Also, participate in relevant conversations, and trending hashtags is an excellent way to engage and connect people.

Last not least, is maintain your brand. Creating a brand is not as tough as keeping the brand you establish yourself in social media. So it is essential to expand your personal brand and digital footprint on social media. Developing your own brand and digital print is time-consuming, but it is the best way to get noticed.

Always be authentic, strategic and consistent with what you post and who you target.

Thank you for reading! If you have any thoughts, please share with me. x

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