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The Power of Social Media Influencers – Kylie Jenner’s 18 word tweet wiped $1.3bn off Snapchat value.


Since Snapchat launched its new design earlier this month, sparks waves of criticism and its users started sharing their disagreement on different social media platforms including their snap stories. The unhappy users signed a petition urging to reverse its “annoying” redesign.

However, snapchatters voice is not as loud as reality TV star Kylie Jenner. A single tweet from Kylie sheds an estimated $1.3 billion in the market value of Snapchat.  Within a day the major social media company shed its 7% of trading and dropped into a crisis because of an influencing person send out a tweet suggesting that she doesn’t use the app anymore.


Her tweet was re-tweeted over 74 thousand times and liked over 365 thousand times. A petition circulating on, urging Snap to bring back the old app, has attracted 1.2 million signatures. It does not precisely measure the impact of her tweet on her own brand and on Snapchat but, it is clearly shown indication of negative impact to the Snapchat losing its market share within few hours after the tweet.

Also, after about 40 minutes she posted another tweet to try and get out of the situation.

Kylie 2

It is not explicitly known what impact it has on her own brand. But from her second tweet, we could imagine that her PR team alarmed and trying to realise how they were going to deal with it. She must be advised that a good proportion of her audience will still be using Snapchat to engage with celebrities like Kylie. So by devaluing the app, deeming it irrelevant and not current, she’s efficiently doing the same to her fans and audience. Also, she gets a lot of money to advertise products on the platform, so sponsors and brands that endorse her would also not be pleased with her opinion.

Besides, she couldn’t delete the tweet after she’s posted it. Her colossal followers mean that every tweet is documented and eliminating it would have caused an even bigger problem.

This show that top tier influencers can make, break or severely damage a reputation and affect the ability of that company or brand to make money. It shows how important that the companies should be taking these influencers seriously. The call themselves as influencers for reasons. They have a significant impact on businesses.


Hope you find this interesting too. x

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