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2017’s Egg-cellent Easter PR Campaigns


Not like the Christmas and New Year holidays, Easter holiday is not significant for many brands. However, some famous brands take this as a great opportunity to pop up their visibility and grow the market.

Here are my favourite 5 PR campaign of this Easter.

Cadbury’s #EggsEverywhere



I have no idea how many Cadbury eggs I had this Easter. This is because it is in everywhere. Cadbury is always on the top of the Easter list. They always dominate Easter with their chocolate eggs.

One of the UK’s best-loved chocolate brands kicked off Easter by placing three giant eggs in Scotland’s Loch Ness Lake. Cadbury used three branded eggs to make it look like the fabled Loch Ness Monster’s body was protruding from the water. The Purple eggs weighed up to four tonnes each and they’re about as high as a double decker bus. Cadbury’s surprised the country, by placing eggs in unexpected locations.

Cadbury Eggs Camber sands

The campaign is launched in partnership with the National Trust and National Trust for Scotland. The campaign, created by creative agency RPM, invites families to join the egg hunts at National Trust and National Trust for Scotland properties across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Off the back of this, the company has donated £5,000 to the Loch Ness project and £1,000 to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

Apart from this, people are encouraged to tweet pictures using the hashtag #EggsEverywhere if they come across them. The aim of this is that the brand Cadbury is on everyone’s mind this Easter. To accompany the stunt, Cadbury also released their first Easter TV advert which is extremely cute and advertises their new chocolate bunnies.

Carlsberg’s Shoreditch chocolate bar


Carlsberg takes the lead for the best Easter campaign, this year in a totally different way.  This time their aim was to take brand’s reach beyond football fans.

They set up a pop-up bar made of chocolate in the Old Truman Brewery over in Shoreditch. It featured all the staples of a bar, including stools, a TV and a dartboard. Their thoughts were that the British public love chocolate and beer so they combine the two. Another reason for the campaign around Easter was the fact that Carlsberg saw the holiday as a big beer-drinking occasion so for that reason wanted to do something a little different.

Also, the company used their famous tagline #IfCarlsbergDid to celebrate the holiday. Quite different, isn’t it?

Asda’s #GiantHen


This Easter Asda connected their customers as a giant friendly hen. Going for a slightly more humorous campaign, Asda has aired their TV advert which features a giant chocolate hen.

The company embraces people’s everyday lives by showing people in their homes, going about their day when they suddenly spot the giant hen being transported by a truck. People look up in awe at this bizarre site and towards the end of the advert the hen sits on top of an Asda store and starts laying chocolate eggs which travel down a chute to the staff in the shop below. The staff then proceed to stock their shelves with Easter eggs.

This campaign captures the audience by filming ordinary people going about their day and I love the innocent humour that comes with this.  I like the way they try to connect with ordinary people.

Asda has also adopted a hashtag, #GiantHen in this campaign.

Sainsbury’s #nevergrowingup


To celebrate the Easter Sainsbury teamed up with British Tom Lawton this time.

Created in partnership with creative agency Gravity Road, the video advert inspire children this Easter and encourage them to “never grow up”. In the ad Lawton and his sons make the ‘Ultimate Egg Rolling Machine’ – a mad, wacky take on the classic egg roll, using kinetic energy and a chain reaction sequence of obstacles.

The video was shared on Sainsbury’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. It will also be shared on Lawton’s social channels.

Whiskas’s Earster cats


Cat Food brand Whishas’s campaign for this Easter is quite simple and unique. The campaign mainly targeted for the cat lovers. This might be the reason I find the campaign interesting.

The main aim of the campaign is to celebrate the Easter with their love for their feline friends. Whiskas launch an iPhone app was created allowing users to take cute pictures of their cats and edit them to include a pair of bunny ears which could then share with friends and family on social media.

What is your favorite Easter campaign this year? Please share me yours via email or by commenting this post. xx

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