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Social media as a tool for portfolio


Today, social media is central to our interactions with people. There seems to exist social media platforms almost all types of social interactions we want. In today’s tech savvy world, sharing content online is a key part of expressing our identity. Hence, social media have become an important tool for professionals. Knowing the tricks of the trade on the social media helps professionals to improve their key audiences as well as promoting the own personal brand.

It was last week, we had guest lecture delivered by a PR professional outside of academia in our course, at the University. One of the key guests in the panel was none other than the Deputy Chair of the CIPR for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, Mr Gary Taylor. The panel gave us key insights into the social media as well as it can be utilised to develop and improve the PR image. Below I share with you some of the key things we have learnt from the lecture.


In public relations, promoting one’s self and networking with other professionals is important to promote and dive into the industry forward. Presence in social media can be a smart way to improve job prospectus as well as a bonus to the one’s portfolio. However, care must be taken how this is executed.

There are many social media platforms out there. On this note, it is more important to understand which network is best and how can we use it effectively. Here are the major choices available to us as well as how we could use them effectively, network and promote your personal brand.

Twitter is the one best social media platform for developing yourself as a PR professional. It is a fantastic way to understand the changes that happen in the field. Twitter allows to follow and retweet posts from other accounts that interest you. This allows you to show what you are interested in and develop your own personal image. Moreover, it shows your passion in the industry and expresses how up to date you are on what is going on in the field. This allows creating an attractive portfolio.

Another smart way to connect professionals in the industry is via LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world which is mainly targeted to professionals and influential people. This is probably the best site to network. Since it is not a platform used by many people, being active on LinkedIn indicates that you are the `genius’ in social media.  It also shows how connected you are to the industry professionals. This hugely helps to create an effective portfolio.

Other platforms such as, Facebook and Instagram are not the best but, also important channels to get involved, to show your personal style and passion for the industry.  Particularly, this is vital if you want to feature you and your business in a visual aspect. This is because on both these platforms channels there is enhanced the ability to post and share more visual material such as videos and images.

It is important to highlight that being conscious of what you are posting and sharing online is as crucial as your presence online. Your social media footprint has a huge impact on your professional career, present and future. This is indeed the case more than ever, since these days, it is very easy to find about you and your professional life on the internet. Therefore, what you share must be selective, professional, informative and interesting. Managing an online image or have a good reputation online is very important.

Hope you enjoy reading. X

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