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Lush’s decision to move away from social media is a risk.

The UK High Street chain Lush choosing to break its connection with over a million followers across social media came as a big surprise. Lush decided to walk away from community spanning 569,000 followers on Instagram, a Facebook following of 423,216 and 202,000 fans on Twitter, by hoping that they will join a new kind… Continue reading Lush’s decision to move away from social media is a risk.

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Creative Campaign: Aldi’s #TeatimeTakedown

Bringing children to the dinner table becomes a challenge for parents. As a champion of bringing the families together round table dinner, UK supermarket chain Aldi launched a campaign last week in the name of Teatime Takedown. The idea behind the campaign is parents would sign their child up for a program that would put… Continue reading Creative Campaign: Aldi’s #TeatimeTakedown

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Create a Personal Brand Through Blogging.

We are all trying to build a personal brand. Whether you are looking for a better job or owning a successful career, we are all working towards a better online reputation. This is especially important today when almost anyone can go online to look you up and almost all there is to know about you… Continue reading Create a Personal Brand Through Blogging.